MountbridgeTM - The versatile, future-proof platform upgrade system

UKRIA 2018 Passenger Safety Award Winning MountbridgeTM is an adjustable, extended lifecycle platform upgrade system that solves three major challenges facing the rail industry:

  • Rectify Platform Train Interface (PTI) stepping distance issues
  • Restore degrading platforms to meet current safety standards
  • Reduce installation and ongoing maintenance costs

MountbridgeTM overlays the existing platform and is adjusted for height and oversail to bring the PTI stepping distance to standard. This reduces dwell times and minimises passenger-related issues.

The FRP (Fibre Reinforced Polymer) platform deck has a longer lifespan than traditional material construction. It also incorporates many features that minimise ongoing maintenance costs.

In most cases, MountbridgeTM overlays the existing platform structure. This eliminates the time, cost, mess and disruption associated with excavation and removal of existing structures. It may also minimise the installation procedure, is most often performed without inconveniencing passengers, and without the planning and disruption of full track possessions.

UK RIA Subcontractor Of The Year Winner Award Certificate 2018
“Installing Mountbridge over existing platforms has eliminated PTI stepping distance issues at several of our stations, whilst minimising disruption during construction. I am particularly impressed by the versatility of the system over varying platform areas and how it interfaces with existing structures. By choosing Mountbridge we made a significant saving against traditional construction options and ‘banked’ low platform maintenance costs for the future.”

Graham Richards, Senior Asset Manager, Network Rail South East Route


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